Research and Facts:

U.S. Census Bureau Highlights: 

The 2020 Census and Confidentiality

2020 Census Recruitment Toolkit
Provides resources to help raise awareness of 2020 Census job opportunities to share with parents.

Awareness Poster - Confidentiality
Explains that census responses are safe and confidential.

Counting Young Children Fact Sheet
This fact sheet gives information about counting young children and why it's important.

Counting Young Children FAQ
This item answers commonly asked questions about counting young children.

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Count All Kids Highlights:

Blog: Young Children Living with Grandparents at Higher Risk of Being Missed in the 2020 Census

Early Childhood Funders Collaborative: Young Children and the 2020 Census
This webpage explains the issue of the young child undercount in the Census for potential donors, and provides them with tools and resources to learn more about the issue.

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Classroom Activities:

U.S. Census Bureau Statistics in Schools Highlights: 

2020 “Everyone Counts” Song
A catchy tune and fun lyrics help young children understand the census and why everyone count in their own special way.

2020 ‘Everyone Counts!” Story and Activity Book 
This playful, activity-filled book explains the 2020 Census and the importance of counting everyone.

Diversity: Everyone is Special (Art Project)
Students can continue their exploration of counting by looking at the differences among students in their classroom, including differences in their families and living arrangements at home. Students can count the number of siblings they have, how old they are, and how many languages besides English are spoken at home.

Transportation: On Our Way To Being Counted!
Transportation is a fun and common theme in early-preschool classrooms. This worksheet will facilitate conversations at home and at school about how people get to work, school, or the grocery store, or go to visit people in another state. The worksheet will also reinforce how to count, the benefit of counting, and the idea that everyone in the students’ classroom will be counted in the 2020 Census.

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