Why Should You Join the Families Unite Campaign?

By joining the Families Unite Campaign, you are taking a direct role in building a strong future for Head Start! Your devoted actions today will work to ensure future children and families across the United State continue to have access to Head Start services for generations to come.

This fall, Congress is making critical funding decisions for Head Start programs, so the time is now to join the Families Unite campaign.

Your participation in the Families Unite campaign will work to:

  1. Get your incredible Head Start teachers a raise
  2. Improve Head Start facilities
  3. Increase overall Head Start funding

Head Start is strong when we advocate together. Use your voice, and join the Families Unite campaign to build a stronger Head Start!


Tools, Tips, and Resources

We’ve got your back: every step of the way, NHSA will provide you with all the resources you need to make your own campaign a great success. Join the Families Unite campaign to gain access to the following resources to help your team be the best possible advocates for Head Start


Focus: Have a local meeting with your elected official(s)

  1. Meeting Invitation Template
  2. Meeting Guide and Talking Points
  3. Social Media Toolkit
  4. Thank You Letter Template
  5. Letter to the Editor Toolkit


Focus: Join for the Fall Leadership Institute

  1. In-Person Advocacy Trainings
  2. Policy Updates
  3. Head Start on the Hill Rally
  4. Meeting Guides and Talking Points


Focus: Hosting your elected official(s) at your Head Start program 

  1. Head Start Program Visit Invitation Template
  2. Sample Visit Plan
  3. Press Advisory Template
  4. Letter to the Editor Template
  5. Thank You Letter Template

Join the Families Unite campaign

Join NHSA as the Head Start community takes action to make sure Congress understands, values, and invests in Head Start.