An Historic Partnership

NHSA and the NAACP began an historic partnership in 2016 aimed at empowering Head Start families by facilitating voter registration opportunities, health care enrollment, and fair housing advocacy.

“Head Start has long been the center of community and learning in neighborhoods across the country, providing the required resources to strengthen families, communities and the well-being of our children,” said NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks.  “This new partnership with Head Start is a natural extension of their commitment to educating and empowering families and the communities they serve.”

Expanding Civic Engagement Opportunities

Under the partnership, any Head Start program interested in opening up more opportunities for civic engagement can offer space to NAACP volunteers who will assist parents and community members to register to vote.

Through the partnership, NAACP will provide parents access to tools and information, including voter guides with state-specific information on how to register and vote.

If you are interested in participating and providing this opportunity for your families contact Joel Saldana at

Providing families with tools they can use to ensure fair housing and stability in the home is a key part of the partnership. Valuable information about healthcare and insurance enrollment information will also be provided. These resources are being developed and will soon be available here.

Read the full press statement about this exciting partnership.