Share your appreciation for Head Start

November is a month where we reflect on the things in life that we are grateful for. As we gather with family and friends, we are reminded of all the blessings and opportunities we have had in our lives.

This month, we encourage you to think about how you are grateful for Head Start! Whether you are a parent who has received job training, a teacher who had the opportunity to change the lives of children, or an alum who started your path to success at Head Start, we invite you to post and give thanks for Head Start!

How can you participate?

We encourage programs and parents to participate by engaging in a fun November craft activity - the Hand Turkey! This craft project is easy to complete with children and a great way to engage them in thinking about what they are grateful for. Children can draw what they are thankful for at Head Start on the palm of the hand/body of the turkey.

Pictures and posts

Next, take pictures of the hand turkeys, post them on social media and tag your members of Congress, or hand-deliver the turkeys to member’s local offices! You can easily find your Senators’ and Representatives’ social media twitter handles here. For Facebook, simply search their names and tag them in a post with a message such as: “Thanks for supporting #HeadStart,” or “We are grateful for #HeadStart!” To ensure we’re able to amplify them all, please tag @NatlHeadStart and use the hashtag #Thanks4HeadStart.

Feel free to view our pinterest board for creative inspiration.


Members of Congress on social media

Use this document to find your Members of Congress on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

Check out our pinterest board for inspiration

Feel free to view our Pinterest board for creative inspiration.