NHSA in the Classroom

Interactive Online Programming for Kids

NHSA will be live streaming engaging music and movement programming to Head Start/Early Head Start programs all across the country. NHSA in the Classroom will bring new faces and opportunities directly to your classrooms and families’ homes. All Head Start and Early Head Start programs and families are encouraged to tune in and enjoy these high-energy programs—let’s come together to dance, sing, learn, and have fun! You can register for free here.

Early childhood music education has been shown to enhance children’s development in many areas including self-regulation, academic performance, social and emotional development, language development, cognition, physical development, and school readiness. NHSA is excited to bring these benefits directly to Head Start children with interactive music and movement time!

"The sessions were thoroughly enjoyable, educational, and lots of fun! The children enjoyed learning new words, songs, and how to create new sounds on instruments with Nick. Our students loved Penelope "Pinky" Jackalope's enthusiasm for learning and participating too!

We love music and movement in our virtual classes and the "Music Man" added to our weekly movement activities. We (teachers included!) looked forward to Tuesday mornings each week!"

- Cindy Gorman, Luzerne County Head Start




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Everybody’s favorite jackalope has been busy making new friends, and she can’t wait for you to meet them!

Big Heart World

Do you have a big heart? Every month, Big Heart artist Erica Rabner and Pinky Jackalope will share brand new Big Heart music, as well as all kinds of fun resources that teachers and families can use to incorporate these uplifting music and messages into our daily lives. These songs are so catchy you can’t help but sing along!

Music Time with Nick the Music Man

It’s time for music, it’s time for fun with Nick the Music Man! Nick Young is an early childhood music and movement educator with nearly 30 years of experience. During Music Time, Nick and Pinky bring preschool learning to life through live music, interactive storytelling… and just a little silliness.

The Kennedy Center

Every month, the Kennedy Center's teaching artists will be joining the NHSA in the Classroom lineup!

Teaching Artists in Your Community

We’re also excited to invite teaching artists from all over the country! We can’t wait to meet your favorite musicians, thespians, and dancers and share their talents with the whole Head Start community.

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