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Books Building Bridges

Spreading Head Start Awareness

This initiative was launched during the 2017 Head Start Awareness Month.

Why Participate?

It’s fun, has a real impact on Head Start children and families and will foster new partnerships and understanding within our communities and law enforcement nationwide.

Start Planning Your Books Building Bridges Activity Today

Everything you need is here, so get started today!

About this activity

The idea is simple: celebrate Head Start children and families by using books to build bridges of collaboration, understanding and support.  Largely based on the success of the Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland’s program, we were inspired to bring their best practices and ideas to everyone in the Head Start community!

Everything you need to participate is here, so you can get started today! 

How to begin

1. Send an invite

Personalize this template invite. Then send it by email to your local police and invite them to participate in our Books Building Bridges nationwide effort! 

2. Plan the visit

Plan your visit ahead of time. In addition to having the law enforcement officer read a book to the children, make sure to build in time for the children to have a dialogue with the police. They can ask questions about their occupation, and the children can share about their families and what they love most about their neighborhood. 

3. Notify press

Let your local media know you are having the police join you to celebrate Head Start Awareness Month. You can personalize this template press advisory and invite them to cover the visit. This will ensure both your program and the police are recognized for all they do every day!

4. Capture the moment

Take pictures and have fun! Post your pictures on social media using the hashtag #BooksBuildingBridges When you post your pictures, make sure to tag us (@NatlHeadStart) and even your members of Congress.

5. Send thank you's

But, most importantly, send a creative thank you to the policemen or policewomen who visited and ask them to make this a long-term partnership! It is great to celebrate Head Start Awareness Month with your local police, but we want this to go far beyond October, so ask them to come read again and become an official partner of Books Building Bridges and your Head Start program.

6. Let us know

Contact Joel Saldana at and let her know that you will be participating. She can also answer any questions you might have!