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Advocacy Activity
Community Reading Day
Celebrate Head Start's Birthday!`

When is this Activity?

Celebrate Head Start’s 52nd birthday on May 18th with a Community Reading Day!

Why Participate?

This activity will help raise awareness in our local communities of the incredible impact and importance of Head Start.


Celebrate Head Start's 52nd Birthday with 1,000 community reading parties!

Start Planning Your Community Reading Party today

In honor of Head Start’s birthday on May 18th, NHSA is partnering with Scholastic to organize 1,000 community reading days across the country. This is an amazing opportunity to unite the Head Start field and highlight the importance of local engagement in Head Start classrooms. Everything you need to participate is here, so you can get started today!

It’s simple: invite a local elected official or community leader to read aloud with a class using the new books donated by Scholastic. We’ll share photos and social media posts (#CommunitiesRead) about your event as will Scholastic. It will be fun and send a powerful message about the importance of Head Start in your community.


Participating Members


To Begin Celebrating:

  1. Pledge your support by contacting Courtney Christensen at, so we can recognize your program!
  2. Take advantage of a number of resources we've put together, including a sample invitation to your local elected officials, a sample site plan for your birthday celebration, a draft press advisory (coming soon!) and a sample thank you template.
  3. Choose local leaders to invite. Options include your local city council members, mayors, police chiefs and more! Invite them to visit on or around May 18th to celebrate Head Start’s birthday.  
  4. On May 18th, welcome your guest and have them read to the children to celebrate Head Start’s birthday! Enjoy the gift of reading with them and publicize their visit on social media and with your local press.
  5. Make sure to tag all posts with #CommunitiesRead.
  6. Send a thank you note to your local official.