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NHSA Initiative
Gro More Good Garden Grants
In partnership with the Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most important factors in the decision-making process for the Garden Grants?

The grant review panelists will evaluate a number of critical factors based on the information provided in the application form, including, but not limited to:

  1. The project’s positive influence and impact on young children, their families, and also the broader community.
  2. The organization’s commitment to incorporate the garden as an important component in its educational programming with children and families.
  3. The organization’s commitment to the maintenance and sustainability of the garden, including its plans for growth, community involvement and additional funding opportunities.
  4. The organization’s plans to engage students, families, community partners and volunteers in a Community Build Day, a day set apart to create and celebrate the garden.

Who is eligible to apply? 

Schools, community action programs, non-profits, hospitals, community centers and inter-generational groups that hosts Head Start programs. Applicants must have the plot of land in their possession at the time of the application with at least a two-year commitment for the garden to be on that property. 

What is the timeline for grant submission?

For 2020 funding, we will accept applications for grants starting on August 5, 2019. The application deadline is 11:59 p.m. EST on October 11, 2019. The 2020 Gro More Good Garden Grantees will be announced in December, 2019 with the anticipated award date in January, 2020.

How many Garden Grants are awarded each year?

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation and National Head Start Association Garden Grant Program will award ten grants each program year. This is the second year of the three year program with the next opportunity to apply in the fall of 2020. The grants awarded are in the amount of $5,000, plus a garden kit and materials and gardening educational resources.

What’s in the Garden Kit?

The garden kit will be shipped directly to the grantee and will include raised beds, weed cloth, tub trugs, child-sized hand tools, child-sized shovels, hose and reel, child-sized watering cans, adult and child-sized gloves, tomato towers, pots, seeds, organic soils and fertilizers, plants, garden planting guides, and curriculum.

We are not classified as a 501(c)(3) charity. Can we still apply?

Generally no. There are, however, certain organizations that qualify as tax-exempt within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Service code and are eligible to apply without a 501(c)(3) designation. Examples are school districts, universities and government entities. If you are a school-based Head Start program that has not achieved 501(c)(3) status, please use your district’s EIN number.

We do not have a 501(c)(3) classification. Can we apply through a fiscal sponsor?

Yes. If your organization has not achieved 501(c)(3) status, a fiscal sponsor who has achieved it is required. If you are a school-based Head Start program that has not achieved 501(c)(3) status, please use your district’s EIN number.

Our organization has received a Gro More Garden Grant previously from the Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation. Can we still apply?

No. If you have previously received a grant from this initiative, you are no longer eligible to apply for this opportunity.

Are there specific guidelines on how the grant funds should be used? 

Grant funds should be used only for the designated purpose as described in the grant application and subsequent grant notification letter, and not for any other purpose without the prior written approval.  

Can the grant funds be sent directly to a parent or after-school garden coordinator, instead of the head start center?

No, funds cannot be sent directly to an individual but must be sent to the organization that applied for the grant.

If awarded a grant, are there reporting requirements of our organization?

Yes. Recipients of grant funding are required to report back to NHSA on how the grant funds were used. A 2020 Gro More Good Grantee Reporting Guidelines will be shared with each winning organization once awarded with a timeline of deliverables and expectations.  

When will applicants be notified of the grant decisions?

All applicants will be notified by December 31, 2019.

2020 Garden Grants
Applications for the 2020 Garden Grants will be accepted from August 5 - Oct 11, 2019 at 11:59 pm ET.