Custom Parent Gauge Analytics

Looking to take your Parent Gauge use to the next level? The Parent Gauge team is pleased to bring to you a new opportunity when it comes to using the tool to make data-informed decisions about your parent engagement efforts


The Parent Gauge experts are now offering reports comparing families’ responses by important program characteristics.

  • Wondering how your PFCE efforts are supporting parents of DLLs compared to native speakers?
  • Wondering if you’re reaching Early Head Start parents as well as you’re reaching Head Start parents?

Now you can easily find out! For an add-on fee, NHSA will produce two personalized reports for your program. Just let us know which groups you’d like to compare and in 2-3 weeks you’ll have custom reports ready! Whether you’re looking to inform your engagement efforts for the coming year, dazzle the monitors at your Focus Area 2 review, or submit a stellar five-year grant application -- this level of data-informed decision-making is sure to impress.

Check out our “menu” of potential comparisons:

  • Mid-year vs. end-of-year
  • Female vs. male guardians
  • Head Start vs. Early Head Start
  • Parents of children with vs. without IEPs
  • Center- vs. Home-based
  • First year vs. returning families
  • Parents of DLLs vs. native speakers
  • In-person vs. phone interviews

Questions? Interested in other comparisons? Ready to place your order? Let us know at