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Head Start Association Sees Potential Issues Ahead

September 10, 2015

from POLITICO's Morning Education newsletter:

HEAD START ASSOCIATION SEES POTENTIAL ISSUES AHEAD: The Obama administration's proposed changes [ ] to Head Start could be a boon for the early education program - but only if the changes are properly implemented and well-funded, the National Head Start Association writes in its comments on the proposed rules. NHSA sees several potential issues with the proposed changes: Though the proposal would get rid of many bureaucratic requirements that have plagued Head Start, getting rid of options for how to design a Head Start program would put difficult limitations on Head Start providers, NHSA says. And implementing the new proposed rules, which would require full-day Head Start (as opposed to some programs being only half-day), would lead to a loss in the number of children being served if there isn't new federal funding on the table.

- "With sufficient additional funding unlikely, the anticipated cut of more than 126,000 children and families means lost opportunities and thousands of empty cribs and seats in Early Head Start and Head Start classrooms," NHSA writes. "This is a disturbing prospect for the Head Start community and simply unacceptable for the hundreds of thousands of children every year who would face a compromised future." Read the group's full comments: