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Pre-Conference Sessions at the 2014 Winter Leadership Institute

Sunday, January 26 - all day

Members: $150
Non-members: $170

Space is limited!


High Impact Approaches to Family Services

Led by:

Jenni Brasington,
Acelero Learning

In order to have a truly life-changing impact on the children we serve, programs must take full advantage of Head Start’s two-generation model, to work with both families and children. Since 1997, Head Start programs have been required to track child outcomes, and with the requirements for School Readiness Goals, nearly every Head Start program has a vision for their work with children. Work with families is a much less developed field --- and often the area where Head Start directors have the least experience. The Office of Head Start Parent Family Community Engagement framework provides some conceptual support for this work, but there a few models available that provide the practical tools and approaches to help reach those outcomes.

Acelero Learning’s award-winning Family Life Practices approach does exactly this. From a structured family strengths and needs assessment, to active partnership and tracking progress on family goals, we have developed a specific structure that fully engages our families throughout the course of the year. We are proud to bring special session focused on helping Head Start Directors understand this work at a pre-Institute training session at the NHSA Winter Leadership Institute.

At this training, participants will gain:

  • A clear understanding of the research basis and practical implications for promoting family life practices to close the achievement gap
  • An overview of the use of data for proactive tracking and reporting on family outcomes
  • A solid foundation to implement an outcomes-based family services approach
  • An understanding of the key role the Head Start director and other senior leaders play in this process

Leadership Strategies and To Do’s

Led by:

Steve Lipton, Seth Finestack
Wipfli LLP

You are leaders. You know your market, your community and your resources. You know what you need to do to get your organization in the best place possible to serve your community. But how do you do this? We see many organizations who know what to do but struggle with the practical implementation of sound leadership practices. By this we mean everything from developing and implementing your strategies to effectively engaging your community and employees. This session will help you develop specific processes for creating effective leadership in your organization. To do this, we need you to come prepared with your current concerns and barriers and a willingness to openly share and brainstorm the right process for you and other leaders in this session. We will use a combination of presentation, discussion and case study to help you develop your leadership process.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Outcome #1: Understand the root cause preventing you from achieving effective leadership.
  • Outcome #2: Learn specific strategies and practices to develop sound leadership in a Head Start program.
  • Outcome #3: Understand what you need to do to begin building a culture of effective leadership


Alternate Funding Sources and Related Contracting Issues

Led by:

Ted Waters, Zoe Beckerman
Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP

In this era of sequestration and continued economic uncertainty, you still need to secure funding for your program. Join us to explore other sources of funding and related contracting issues of importance to Head Start programs. This session will cover do’s and don’ts of non-federal (matching) share, blended and braided funding, effective contracting strategies for goods and services, and pursuing fundraising in Head Start.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Outcome #1: Participants will understand the criteria to determine whether or not an item or service counts as match.
  • Outcome #2: Participants will learn tips to improve their contracts for goods and services.
  • Outcome #3: Participants will learn why fundraising matters and pitfalls to avoid.