Daunte Wright

April 16, 2021

Dear Head Start community,

I am devastated by the news on Sunday of Daunte Wright’s death at the hands of police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. I write to you today with no new words to say after another incident highlighting injustice in our society. But I write to you nonetheless, because to say nothing is to normalize or cast aside the devastating loss of another Black man’s life. This is not normal, this is not acceptable.

Daunte Wright’s young son, not even two years old, will now grow up without his father—who we in the Head Start community recognize as one of his first and most important teachers. For all of us with a passion for supporting young children, this compounds the grief.

Our thoughts are especially with our Head Start community in the Minneapolis area and with our Black families, friends, and colleagues nationwide. As we experience this grief, please know NHSA is here to listen and offer any support you need as you support children and families.

We must continue to challenge systemic racism and commit to instilling the principles of racial equity and empathy in the next generation so that the rage and pain we feel today may become less and less familiar.

Keeping the commitment,

Yasmina Vinci
Executive Director
National Head Start Association