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Quality Improvement Toolkits
Providing information, training, and support

The Toolkits

Quality Improvement toolkits are “how-to” guides for programs to reference when developing or improving services. The toolkits include step-by-step guidance, case studies, practical tools, and additional resources. Through the quality improvement lens, the toolkits promote measurement, evaluation, and continuous improvement.

Resources potentially available in each toolkit include:

• A summary of the topic and how it applies to Head Start, including references to any relevant text in the Standards
• A hands-on worksheet that will guide you through the quality improvement cycle framework
• A sample filled-in quality improvement worksheet
• An Excel workbook template and accompanying step-by-step how-to for data analysis
• A how-to on using your existing data management software for relevant data analysis
• A list of additional resources

NHSA will be continuously developing new resources and new toolkits based on interest and need, so this page will be constantly growing.

Nurturing Staff Wellness

What is a staff wellness program? Why would a Head Start program need one? How do you go about implementing one? Check out this toolkit for everything you need to know about creating and implementing your own staff wellness program.

A Head Start on Health

COMING SOON: Health services are a critical and unique part of the Head Start model; they also take up a lot of time and resources. The tools and information in this toolkit are designed to help you create partnerships, engage parents in the health process, and provide the best health services possible to the children in your program.

Visualizing Chronic Absenteeism

COMING SOON: With new requirements in the Standards to monitor and improve chronic absenteeism, it's time to dig into the data to improve attendance for those children at risk of missing too much school and all of the valuable benefits that come with it. Check out this toolkit for guidance on how to analyze your data and tips on how to improve attendance.