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Credentials Program Registration Transfer Policy

Updated July 5, 2017


Registration Transfers

Although there are no refunds of the Registration Fee for the Credentials Program, if a candidate is unable to complete the portfolio, the registration can be transferred, on or before the registration expiration date, to another employee of the same Head Start program.


Registration Expiration

An original registration expires on the earliest of the following two dates:

  • The Original Candidate’s four month deadline date, or
  • The date that the registration is transferred to a New Candidate.


Original Candidate and New Candidate

The candidate who is unable to complete the credential course is the Original Candidate. The registration will be transferred from this individual.

The employee to whom the registration is transferred is the New Candidate. The New Candidate will be given his/her own four month deadline.


One Registration Transfer

A registration is eligible for one transfer. When the Original Candidate’s registration is transferred to the New Candidate, it cannot be transferred to another employee, including if the New Candidate is unable to complete the Credentials Program. The registration is expired and therefore, is not eligible for further transfer.


Requesting a Transfer

To request a Registration Transfer Form, send an email to Please provide the name of the Original Candidate and his or her original deadline date. The name of the New Candidate does not need to be provided at the time of the request but will be required before the registration expires.