Shine Early Learning


State: New York

Committed to proving that every child can succeed at the highest levels.

Why did you get into Head Start? Shine Early Learning is committed to proving that every child can succeed at the highest levels – and that high-impact, proven approaches can help early childhood programs across the country truly make the difference in a child's life. We offer dedicated resources, high-impact tools, and our new Shine Insight data system to help Head Start and early education programs reach their own ambitious goals. All of the Shine Early Learning tools and approaches were developed, implemented, and refined at Acelero Learning, a high-performing Head Start and Early Head Start program serving more than 4,400 children across the nation. Through the integrated implementation of these tools, Acelero Learning has produced some of the largest child outcome gains ever recorded at an individual Head Start program. Acelero Learning's latest evaluation data shows children served for two years making twice the gain of average Head Start program, as compared to the 2009 FACES data. In our training work, we work with programs to build a culture of data-driven decision making, and we provide both the tools and technologies help programs grow and thrive. Through extensive and ongoing training, Shine Early Learning will work with you to ensure that children and families receive the highest quality programs and services that Head Start can deliver. We offer the following services to help you take your Head Start program to the next level:
  • Shine Access: Resources and tools for Head Start leaders
  • Shine Insight: A robust, user-friendly child and family data system, to help your program achieve full compliance and drive toward greater outcomes.
  • Shine Assist: Year-round T&TA and grant application support
  • In-person events and online trainings
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