• Head Start Director Credential
    The Head Start Director Credential program includes a research-based curriculum; hands-on and practical experiences; access to Head Start practitioners as coaches and mentors; consistent and ongoing networking and connections. To earn this credential, candidates must complete eight learning modules over the course of eight months.
  • Data Literacy Credential
    The Data Literacy Credential is aimed at educating managers, directors, and anyone in a data-oriented role in data literacy; the ability to communicate about the use of data; and basic storytelling with data skills. To earn this credential, candidates must take and pass three sequential courses.
  • Health Services Credential
    The Health Services Credential is designed to support Head Start health services providers in acquiring the knowledge, experiences, and skills necessary to be effective Health Service staff. This credential is structured in a self-study, portfolio-based process that candidates have six months to complete.
  • Family Services Staff Credential
    The Family Services Staff Credential is designed specifically for Head Start family and health service providers. It is a portfolio-based, self-study course that offers an opportunity for family services staff to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in 12 competency areas based on the Head Start Program Performance Standards. Candidates have six months to complete.


  • Bias Busters Micro-Credential
    The Bias Busters Micro-Credential is a series of four workshops available to anyone interested in taking the first steps on the path to understanding bias and to implementing strategies to mitigate the impact of bias. Every month, NHSA will welcome a new cohort of 50 candidates who will participate in an intentional study and understanding of bias in order to form positive and proactive anti-bias action plans.

Other Learning Series:

  • Mind in the Making Learning Series
    Every month, NHSA will host a four-part virtual learning series for early childhood educators to explore the science of children’s learning through innovative in-depth training and materials geared for action. Participants of this virtual learning series will engage in eight facilitated modules to examine child development research and learn ways to promote executive function-based skills in children ages 0-8.