Bias Buster Micro-Credential

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The Bias Buster Micro-Credential

This four-week micro-credential is designed to support the Head Start community in developing positive and proactive anti-bias action plans.

How can it support your community?

Work individually or as a team to prepare effective family and child-centered strategies to mitigate the impact of bias.

How can I sign up?

Register now to be a part of the next cohort starting on Friday, May 7, 2021.

The Bias Busters Micro-Credential is a series of four workshops available to anyone interested in taking the first steps on the path to understanding bias and to implementing strategies to mitigate the impact of bias. Every month, NHSA will welcome a new cohort of 50 candidates who will participate in an intentional study and understanding of bias in order to form positive and proactive anti-bias action plans.

This micro-credential will help participants delve into a deeper understanding of how assumptions, biases, and stereotypes come about and how they can creep into our thinking and interactions with others. Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson, Head Start Alumni and Diversity and Inclusion Lead Instructor will challenge you to think about your own thinking. As Head Start continues to sustain the vision of Social Justice and Civil Rights, this course will help you build practical steps and actions toward becoming a stronger ally for others.

Through pathways of empathy and grace, we can learn to empower colleagues, families, and even ourselves. We all deserve decency and respect through richer cultural understanding. This hands-on and interactive virtual course will ignite those conversations around trust and how to bridge some of the cultural differences that we will encounter. Don't miss this engaging and thought-provoking course.

Curriculum Overview

Class 1: Introduction—Head Start A Social Justice and Civil Rights

This class will discuss how cultural awareness helps revive the Heartbeat of Humanity and how Head Start continues to rebuild family empowerment and dismantle systems of inequity.

The Big Question: How can we build stronger arenas of tolerance and inclusion around our own cultural understanding?

Class 2: Understanding Personal and Cultural Identity

Ask yourself how you are situated in the realm of diversity and inclusion. Are there any stereotypes, assumptions, or biases that are prohibiting you from your own growth and development? We must learn to identify and rectify our blind spots...and we ALL have them.

The Big Question: How can I learn to be aware of my own cultural gaps and blind spots?

Class 3: Anti-Bias Communication

This class will help you learn to recognize, acknowledge and address biases and discrimination within and beyond your organization. You will understand the value of looking through a broader cultural lens and extending grace and decency to others.

The Big Question: How do I continue to advocate for diversity and inclusion?

Class 4: The Action Plan

This class will examine and demonstrate active solutions toward tolerance and inclusion. Participants will collaborate together to continue the efforts of social justice and equity. These actionable practices will help direct a clearer understanding of what can be done to continue this important work.

The Big Question: Now that I understand this better, what do I do?

About the Instructor

The program is led by children’s author and educator Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson. Kimberly is a creative thinker and has a passion for teaching and helping others. She serves as a contracted course facilitator at Harvard University, has taught doctoral classes at Northeastern University, and currently teaches at Clemson University and Clinton College.

As a Head Start alumna, she knows first-hand the life-changing power of Head Start. “I am living proof that Head Start works, but our job is not done–not by any means. In fact, the journey has truly just begun,” she said. “We have much work to do to ensure that our families, teachers and most of all our children can see beyond the broken glass or sirens or even the deficit thinkers that clog their minds on a regular basis. We have the obligation to make sure our children gain the levels of love and preparedness that Head Start represents.”

Kimberly received her Doctorate in Curriculum, Teaching, and Leadership from Northeastern University in Boston, Ma. She holds a Master’s Degree from Clemson University, in Youth Development and Leadership, as well as an Early Childhood Education Degree and a Communications Degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. Kimberly completed her postdoctoral work in the Advanced Leadership Program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education and recently completed a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion at Cornell University. Learn more about her Head Start journey.


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