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Kristen Hayes – 2013 MDA Facilitator

Kristen Hayes, MPM is a Management Consultant and advocate of high-quality programming for children and families. With 10 years’ experience in program implementation and public policy formation, she has worked with organizations across the country to secure grant funding through two Federal departments, and helped grantees effectively utilize funds to meet required outcomes. Since February 2011, Kristen has consulted with Head Start/Early Head Start agencies on a variety of projects including evaluating and improving existing management systems, coaching new Directors through ACF grants administration requirements, conducting organizational assessments to increase the efficiency with which Head Start funding is utilized, and supporting programs through the re-designation process.

During the MDA, Kristen will facilitate break out sessions in a small group consultation format for Executive Directors, Program Directors, and Financial Officers.  Prior to the MDA, participants will be asked to complete pre-reading assignments that will help to create a common ground for the conversations at the MDA. In addition, participants will be asked to bring samples of select documents to be reviewed and discussed in small group activities. These executive break out sessions will focus on conversations about compliance, monitoring reviews, the designation renewal system, and sequestration with an eye towards identifying opportunities for improvement and solutions for today's challenges. Kristen's daily "Reflections" sessions for all participants will focus on leadership and management, nonprofit practice, Federal monitoring reviews, and resources to assist programs in achieving their goals.

Leadership (Monday) – National Center for Program Management and Fiscal Operations

Stacy Dimino (Co-Project Director) brings expertise in program design and start-up, organizational management, governance, fiscal management, and contract monitoring and compliance to her role as National Center on Program Management and Fiscal Operations (PMFO) project director. In that capacity, she works in cooperation with the Office of Head Start to provide our nation’s Head Start programs with state-of-the art management resources that foster program excellence. Her experience with a wide range of non-profit agencies and early childhood education programs includes serving as executive director for a comprehensive early education agency that operated Head Start and Early Head Start, and as the chief education and training officer for Horizons for Homeless Children in which she oversaw national T/TA efforts. Stacy also has lead T/TA large scale efforts, most recently serving as project director for the Head Start Massachusetts State-based T/TA Center. 

Nancy McCabe is a coach, trainer, speaker, and founder of Results Business Coaching in Belmont, MA. She is a coach for Babson College and a mentor for Latino professionals through Conexión. Nancy designs and delivers seminars for National Fire Protection Association, Head Start, Bentley University, and the Center for Women and Enterprise. Nancy has coaching certifications from the School for Coaching Mastery and is a member of the National Speakers Association. Currently Nancy works with the National Center on Program Management and Fiscal Operations (PMFO), facilitating coach support for their pilot program, the New Directors Coaching Initiative.

Julie Salois-Tourville began her career as a Head Start teacher in Lawrence, Massachusetts where she learned passion for supporting families. She moved on to lead an urban center and then stepped into the transition and community partnership director. Julie was an active member of the community, facilitating the start-up of the Even Start and Parent-Child Home Programs. Her passion for child and families service led her to become an advocate impacting both state and federal policy. Julie moved onto become the Head Start/Early Head Start director in Lowell, Massachusetts and quickly took the role as Associate Executive Director of the local community action agency. Currently Julie works with the National Center on Program Management and Fiscal Operations (PMFO) as an outreach coordinator for the New Directors Coaching Initiative. She received her Associate in Science from Northern Essex Community College in early childhood education and transferred to Rivier College to focus on special education. Julie graduated from Franklin Pierce College with Bachelor of Science in business and transferred for graduate studies at Suffolk University/Sawyer School of Management for public administration.

Human Development (Tuesday) – Tammy Jelinek and Sam Finestack

Tammy Jelinek has spent the majority of her career working in and with grant-funded and fee-for-services nonprofit organizations. She engages with leadership teams to strategically align their goals to grow, expand, and meet their mission. Tammy has trained nationally in the areas of Head Start/Early Head Start regulations, organizational development, organizational culture, human resources, leadership, and management. With her understanding of federal laws and regulations, she has assisted with growth, development, and marketing in both the private and public arenas. In helping clients make changes to impact their communities, Tammy has engaged in organizational development and culture initiatives, process design and implementation, financial analysis, and change management (including coaching).

Seth Finestack helps Wipfli clients achieve their missions by partnering on strategic planning and organizational development. Drawing from a decade of consulting for Fortune 1000 organizations, he now helps nonprofit and public sector agencies transform into community and industry leaders. Seth trains, consults, and facilitates planning, change leadership, and organizational development priorities. He is a certified professional facilitator and brings a deeply collaborative approach to his Head Start clients’ challenges.

Head Start System (Wednesday) – Colleen Versteeg

Colleen Versteeg is the Executive Director at Orange County Head Start, Inc., a grantee funded to serve over 4,100 children and families in Orange County, California. She is a strong advocate for high quality early childhood programming who brings more than 12 years of experience in leading, evaluating, and restructuring Head Start programs. As a Board Member for the California Head Start Association, Colleen has been actively engaged in advocacy efforts for young children growing up in poverty at the state and national level. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Studies from California State University, Fullerton, and a Masters of Art in Leadership and Organizational Design from Azusa Pacific University.



Outcomes Based Management (Thursday) – Barbara W. Montero

Barbara Montero, Vice President of the SARGE Affiliate Network. Barbara leads Acelero Learning’s intensive partnerships with a network of Head Start programs across the county in order to increase program quality. The SARGE Affiliate Network provides support in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Family & Community Partnerships, and Program Design & Management, as well as concentrated RFP support for those programs facing re-designation. When she first joined Acelero Learning in 2006, Barbara oversaw the company’s management contract activities, and provided T/TA for four Acelero Learning partner Head Start programs. Since then, Barbara has focused on leading Acelero Learning’s operational support services for our direct administration grantees and has also acted as Acelero Learning Clark County’s Interim Deputy Director during the first 6 months of operations. Prior to Acelero Learning, Barbara’s work focused primarily on supporting not-for-profits in developing countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. She holds an MBA from Thunderbird Global School of Management and a BA from Vanderbilt University.