Two Generations Together Institute

On January 26th, 2015, NHSA hosted a day-long Two Generations Together Institute. Program leaders from the featured programs shared their stories and strategies in the morning, and in the afternoon a series of panels offered insights into designing your own two-generation work from both local program leaders and national experts. The sessions were recorded to preserve the important lessons and conversations from the Institute! Watch each one below.


Opening and Program Overviews

Our six featured programs shared how their two-generation programs were created, the key components of their models in practice, and lessons that may inspire other communities.

Welcoming Remarks and Educational Alliance

Welcome: Yasmina Vinci and Anne Mosle

Speakers: Lynn Appelbaum & Karenne Berry

Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.

Speaker: Marvin Hogan

Parents in Community Action, Inc.

Speaker: Gretchen Hengemuhle

AVANCE-Houston, Inc.

Speakers: José Villarreal & Antionette Montgomery

Southwest Human Development

Speaker: Mindy Zapata

Pacific Clinics and Mothers' Club

Speakers: Wassy Tesfa and Hector LaFarga, Jr.

Lessons Across Models

We spent the afternoon learning from a series of panels on different angles of two-generation work, through conversation with practitioners and national experts from across the country.


Funding and Design

Anne Mosle, Ascend at the Aspen Institute
Kimberly Spring, Annie E. Casey Foundation
Rico Alexander, Parents in Community Action, Inc.
Mindy Zapata, Southwest Human Development

Research and Evaluation

P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Northwestern University Institute for Policy Research
Terri Sabol, Northwestern University Institute for Policy Research
Christopher King, University of Texas at Austin Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources
Lynn Appelbaum, Educational Alliance
José Villarreal, AVANCE-Houston, Inc.


Autumn Green, Keys to Degrees at Endicott College
Kate Griffin, Corporation for Enterprise Development
Elyse Rosenblum, Employment Pathways Project
Wassy Tesfa, Pacific Clinics
Marvin Hogan, Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.