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Dollar per Child
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Why is Dollar per Child so Important?

Power structures in Washington are constantly changing, whether in Congress or with the new Administration. In the past year, hundreds of new bureaucrats have come to Washington, many with the power to impact Head Start programs across the country. NHSA needs your support to ensure we have the ability to develop new relationships, continue to cultivate existing ones and unleash external experts to influence policymakers and their staffs.

Because of the relentless change in Washington it is imperative that Head Start have a steady and consistent presence, one that the Dollar per Child Campaign supports in order to protect Head Start programs and the children and families we serve. 

Without it, the influence we have built in Washington will fade, and our programs will suffer the consequences.

Your support for NHSA’s Advocacy helps protect against a number of threats:

  • Cuts to Head Start’s annual appropriation are always a threat, and would force programs to reduce the number of children and families they serve.
  • New bureaucrats and Congressional staffers arrive in Washington daily, and many are ill-informed about the value Head Start provides to our most vulnerable children and families.
  • Activists in Washington with deep pockets—such as the Heritage Foundation—push erroneous and misleading reports on Head Start’s effectiveness.
  • Policies that would be disastrous in practice—such as block granting Head Start—continue to pop up in circles of power and threaten the successful and time-proven federal-to-local structure.

These threats and many more require constant vigilance. 

Dollar per Child makes that vigilance possible.